Dans with…

Are you a dancer? Or do you just like to dance? Are you young and feel like you just don’t get the steps? Or are you young at heart and are often told by your kids that you’re embarrassing?! Well, if you 9years+ this may be the space for you to grow and make friends.

For 10 weeks, starting Saturday 21st September at 12:0013:30, HTK is inviting you to join others like you who want to discover different techniques, and do not be afraid, it is not all hiphop! In fact, the first 4 weeks will be with Faith Ngabo.

Faith is 18, an actor, singer and dancer. She has trained with some of Stockholm’s best coaches and has featured in not 1! But 2 of HTKSveriges productions! In the latest video her character is locked in a toxic relationship and is trying to decide if and how to leave… check it out here https://youtu.be/A2EGPKrC360

Faith has introduced the group to Dancehall, Afrobeat and Merengue. Each session is 1hr 30mins. You will try all 3 techniques, separately over the next 3 weeks.

Don’t forget to: Bring a bottle of water, a towel and fruit to have afterwards.

…Speaking of afterwards; this term HTK also offers free Open Art Workshops with Love Helmers which started the same week at 13:3015:00. Check it out