5 Day Theatre Technique Taster with…

Harón Sánchez

Would you like to have an overview and a taste of several theater techniques?  HTK have organised five short, sharp, exciting workshops in which you are introduced to a number of techniques to play, shape and direct theatre.  We only ask that you come with an open mind and lots of energy, you’re going to need it. Click here to sign up now.

 The workshops are hosted by Drama Pedagogue and physical theatre actor Harón Sánchez who has more than 18 years of experience in theatre.  As a drama educator, Harón Sánchez has worked with children and young people in various organizations and projects, as actors have worked with different theater collectives and ensembles both in Colombia and Sweden.  Nowadays he is with the master’s program ”Black Mirrors”, studying at Stockholm University College of Art.

Day1 Contemporary Theatre:

 The Russian actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsk was the first person to classify the theater as the so-called ”The System”.  Some of the students developed individual methods that are nowadays used in film and theater.  During the workshop we will analyze different naturalistic methods and concepts such as;  Status, active listening, the magic within. Above all you will learn through practical exercises.

 Day2 Physical Theater:

 During the first workshop on ”physical theater” we will examine the body as a means of expression;  In this section are the mime, simple acrobatic exercises and the clown technique that we will learn about.

Day3 Commedia dell’arte, Physical Theater:

 Masks are an ancient object that arises in different cultures such as.  This item summarizes an important aspect of the social group to which it belongs.  On the other hand, masks have a paradoxical;  it reveals something in one when you put the mask on the faces.  During the workshop we will learn about different types of masks through practical exercises.  Above all, we will use neutral masks, larval masks and commedia dell’arte masks.

 Day4 Physical Theater

 Telling a story is the most archaic form of theater but also the most universal and sometimes the most effective.  In the workshop, we will learn about the elements that make one your story catch everyone’s attention.  In addition, we will learn how to shape a story with our voices, bodies and the imagination of the audience.

Day5 Devising Theatre

Classical theater is often based on a text or script that the director and actors interpret on stage.  Devising is a method that breaks the tradition where the actors shape the play on the floor.  As a group, we will explore themes, characters and other elements that make Devising the most democratic theatrical method in which design is based on the participants’ own skills and abilities.

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