HTK Weekly 2018

Nästa workshop startar 13 Januari

Welcome to HipHopTeater Weekly, but that is a mouthful… here is the short version: HTK Weekly! Totally like HTK Summer Camp but… stretched out! To find out more about the HTK Summer Camp 2017, click here.

In short, we had 4 weeks to devise Hip Hop productions of stories collected by young people. It was hard work… but it was fun! Just check out our photos and feedback, here. HTK Summer Camp 2018 will be even bigger, we will run for 5 weeks and the final shows will prove to be magnanimous! Keep updated on what we have in store for you, here.

HTK Weekly, SummerCamp and a new venture we are working on ’StoryCamp’ happens in Kulturhuset Vällingby Floor/Studio B.
HTK Weekly happens every Saturday starting week 2, 13/01/2018.

No skills required, however you do have to be committed. To have a show, we need all the parts; imagine trying to ride a bike with everything but one pedal, the total epitome of ‘going nowhere fast’!! You will want to develop acting skills, performance for stage, dance for performance. Also, a love of Hip Hop music, style and art is a must. Important of all, you want to test yourself while having a hellalotta FUN!

So, some core details:

Every Saturday starting Saturday 13 January 2018, between 12noon and 1600hrs.
Arrive in loose or stretch clothing, something you can move in, NO jeans, NO jewellery, NO hard soled shoes.
Bring a bottle of water and a fruit for after.
Once you are established within the production, you are agreeing to see it through to the end, the final show.
Lastly, you are encouraged to find different interests in the theatre world! Its not all acting and performance, don’t you know! No, there’s lighting, costume, set design, voiceovers, muso, stage management, lots of backstage work and more!
While you’re with us, we want you to do something that interests you and learn something new too.